International Festival

August 22, 2007

Back in June, C’s school had an International Festival of Art and Music. This was a way for the students to demonstrate what they had been learning all year, and for families to share about their cultures or cultures they had learned something about. Because C. is from China, he wanted to wear his jacket from China, and here he is modeling it:
Before the performance, he practiced his flute piece at home:
and smiled at the applause from his adoring fans (his mom and me):
At the school, they had displays of objects from different countries, food tastings, and flags that the kids had made:
The artwork was displayed:
Montage 1
Montage 2Montage 3Leaves
Here is a closeup of C’s piece:
C’s Chicken
His class’s performance was a recorder ensemble, but since he has been taking flute lessons, he played the flute instead of the recorder. His teacher, Mr. G., announced this to the entire auditorium (proud mama moment).
Ms. R’s Class
For those of you with broadband, here are two 1 minute videos of the performance:

A huge THANK YOU to all the teachers – you are the best!


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