Knoebel Park, Elysburg PA (Part 1)

August 24, 2007

We had a spare day this summer (I know, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?). Spragoon reminded us that we’d never been to an amusement park. These kids are sorely deprived. Anyway, we called our good friends Paul and Steve and asked them if they’d like to go to a Pennsylvania amusement park. They suggested Knoebel’s. I don’t know how missed knowing about this place. For mixed groups of ride goers and non-ride goers like us, it is awesome! Free admission, and lots of shade! Two great features for the 3 non-ride goers in the group. Also, they have Pickle on a Stick. What more can you want? (This is not a paid ad, BTW – I just had a great day there).

Warning for those of you on dial-up, this post has 16 pictures. I tried to make them all pretty small, and I’ll put the movies in part 2.

This is the first of the 2 wooden roller coasters they rode – the Phoenix. Steve and Spragoon are in the first car.
Phoenix 1
This is another shot of the Phoenix (but not when Spragoon and Steve were riding it in).

Phoenix 2
Waiting on line for the first and smaller of the 2 water slides:
water slide 1
Do these guys look like they know what’s coming up around the bend?

water slide 2
Coming down…..
water slide 3
Here they are — they survived the drop!
water slide 4

The Round-up. Spragoon is the nauseated-looking one in the “V” of the tree. Notice that no adults are on this ride! ! ! ! I couldn’t even watch it without feeling sick to my stomach.
Round up
Here they are, coming out of the Haunted Mansion:
Haunted House

This ride is called the Flyer – Spragoon was steering, and Adidas accused Spragoon of trying to kill him on this ride:
airplane ride

Here we are coming down the BIG water ride. This is the only ride I went on (That’s Paul’s back on the left):
flume 1
And a close-up of us. Are we wet or what?
flume 2

Spragoon jumping off the 2-meter board:
diving 1
and Adidas:
diving 2
What is a day at the park without purple cotton candy?
cotton candy
And here is the crew (except me and Steve):
paul, jill, and boys
And the crew with Steve:
Paul, Steve, Jill and boys


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