And…. Theeeeeeey’re Off!

April 18, 2008

They have left for China! They will be there around 1 am, Friday, which will be 1 pm Friday in Beijing.

Here is their route:
The morning was rather chaotic. We were supposed to wake up at 7, but I think everyone was up well before that. There was time for last-minute computer configuration (including a futile trip to Staples):
Breakfasts were rather rushed (although it turned out there was plenty of time, so maybe this picture was posed):
Then, there were the goodbyes. Adidas said goodbye to Tai Shan:
He will see lots of real pandas in China, so no need to bring the stuffed one from the National Zoo.

Adidas and Mom:
David and Joy — David, alas, has to stay home to work.
Me and Mom – Mom is going back to Massachusetts with David:
Mom and Spragoon:
Mom and the neices:
OK – from here on in, the photographer (me) must have been getting a little bit too emotional, because ALL of the rest of the pictures look like this:
You will have to take it on my word that there were lots of hugs and a few tears. All piled in the big white van, and it was off.
Then I sat watching the Continental Airlines website, helping the plane get off the air and on its way to China safely. Bon Voyage!


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