April 24, 2008

The intrepid travelers had a great time in Xi’an. They told me that the Terracotta warriors are amazing and indescribable. There are airplane-hangar sized buildings full of them, and still much more excavation to be done (it’s done at night). The main tomb hasn’t been excavated yet. Terracotta Army-Wikipedia

They rode bikes around the city wall. Spragoon was the first to complete the circuit.
For the photos, you will have to go here.

When you see the boys, make sure you ask them about “Lucky Boy.” But don’t say that I told you (tee hee).
Yesterday, they flew to Chengdu. The hotel pool wasn’t open 😦 so they played snooker. Apparently, it is quite different than 8-ball, and was a challenge. They will go to the Panda Preserve on Thursday. If they are lucky, they will be allowed to “pet the pandas.” The health of the pandas is paramount, so not every tour group is offered the opportunity.
Here is their hotel in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. The hotel’s website claims that Chengdu is the oldest established city in the world.
Yinhe Dynasty Hotel


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