Write to Marry

October 29, 2008

Today is Write to Marry Day, the day to blog about our opposition to California’s proposed ban on same sex marriage.

It makes no sense to prohibit two people from marrying simply because they are the same sex. The institution of marriage has changed dramatically over the years. What was once an exchange of property from father to husband is now a way to unite two loving people together and protect our families.

Please don’t confuse civil marriage with personal or religious beliefs. Let states decide the requirements for marriage, as they have since the founding of this country.

All over the blogosphere, others are saying it more eloquently than I can, so please check out what others have to say. I think Tim Gunn says it well: it’s simply wrong to take people’s rights away.


One Response to “Write to Marry”

  1. Deborah said

    Great video! Thanks for participating and telling it like it is. And I’d have to disagree with your post about the blog. I think you did it VERY well.

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