January 4, 2009

None of us want to see the almost 2-week vacation end. Tomorrow, of course, is the start of school.

So today we played a game that Spragoon and Adidas got for Christmas called “Ingenious” (thanks, KASH!).
It’s deceptively simple: matching colored tiles, like dominos.
However, the scoring makes it tricky, and there is a lot of strategy. Also, the tiles make shadows that look like little Stonehenges:
This particular game went down to the wire between Jill and Spragoon. The one who has the highest lowest marker wins (for example, if my lowest is 10 and your lowest is 11, you win).
Jill score-1
Spragoon Score-1
They went to the 4th tie-breaker before the winner was established: Spragoon!


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