Moving Sale !

June 30, 2010


If you live anywhere near Maplewood, please come to our moving sale Friday and Saturday, July 9th and 10th. We are moving to Massachusetts and we have to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Recluctantly, we are selling most of our collection of art by Maplewood artist Jane Oliver. She was featured in the “Best of Watercolor” book series published by Rockport Publishers and was a two-time winner of the New Jersey Watercolor Society Silver Medal of Honor. She was featured in an article titled Master Painters of the World in the magazine “International Artist” (August 2002). She was a cover artist for the Los Angeles Times Sunday magazine “This Week” in the 1950′s.

Most of these are watercolor paintings: a few are other media such and prints or acrylics. Not only are they beautiful images, they are way to celebrate an amazing local artist of the recent past and the great town of Maplewood.

In addition to the paintings, we have household, kitchen and dining items, giftware, raku art pottery, sports and camping equipment, books, and toys.

Here are pictures of some of the artwork for sale. Please come to the sale, and please pass the word along if you think someone else might be interested. (If viewing on a slow Internet connection, please be patient; there are a lot of images.)

28 x 22 inches
23 x 17 inches
18 x 23 inches
19 x 24 inches
10 x 13 inches
13 x 16 inches
27 x 20 inches
23 x 18 inches
14 x 18 inches
14 x 16 inches
14 x 16 inches
24 x 20 inches
11 x 19 inches
6 x 14 inches
19 x 27 inches


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